After the Genocide (Aprs le Gnocide)

52 min - Canada Manon Boivin

Each year Canada receives 250 - 300,000 immigrants. They come from everywhere. 10 % are refugees. Due to war and persecution, they have witnessed, and been victims of, acts of unimaginable violence. They land here and disappear into Canadian society. Who are they? Have they left the conflicts behind them? Do they feel safe here? How is their integration into Canadian society progressing? Among them we find a Burundian who arrived in Canada in 2001. He was a cameraman in the presidents office of Burundi from 1993 to 1998, a period marked by the assassination of the first Hutu president, the beginning of a civil war, and an explosion of ethnic violence that inflamed the entire region. Another refugee, now a resident of Qubec City, escaped the Congo on foot, eight months pregnant, with her 4 children aged 3 to 9 years old. Both discover that despite everything, this is only the beginning of a difficult road to freedom and peace.