Fire Burn Babylon

53 min - United Kingdom Sarita Siegel

Celebrated DJ Don Letts, narrates us through the story of a crew of Rastafarians evacuated to London in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption in Montserrat. Living in exile in inner city East London, three friends reinvent themselves as rude-boy rappers and small time hustlers on the nightclub circuit. The filmmaker has been a part of Montserrats exiled Rastafarian community for several years and blends the point of view of three charismatic Rastamen, the elders that guide them and the women who love them. Elroy, Lyndon and I-Shaka pitch between enjoying the thrills of the city and committing to Rastafarian ideals as they run the streets of London, chase success in music, become fathers and run into trouble with the Law. Will their dreams of celebrity be realized before the law catches up with them? Can these mighty-lions-of-Judah remain true to their spiritual identity?