Kenya Safari

4 min - Kenya Issac Goeckeritz

Hours from any major city, the Kenyan wilderness is home to a native people rarely seen by the outside world. Kenya Safari is a series of three short films created by documentary filmmaker Issac Goeckeritz that showcase the creativity and beauty of the Kenyan people. The first segment, Kenyan Road-trip, takes the viewer on a seemingly perilous journey by way of a jam packed Kenyan highway. In the second segment, Kenyan Soccer, Goeckeritz captures an exciting pick up game of soccer played by Kenyan school children. The children's ingenuity to turn a bundle of rags into a soccer ball offers inspirational amidst difficult circumstances. Finally, the film concludes with Faces of Kenya, a touching montage of Kenyan women and children. Kenya Safari was filmed by Goeckeritz on a recent humanitarian expedition. Segments of the film have been used to raise funds for various humanitarian and non-profit organizations assisting the Kenyan people.