King Lati the First

70 min - Israel Uri Bar-on

Aziz Diouf, Lati's father, arrived in Israel from Senegal as a foreign worker 17 years ago. Irena, Lati's mother, immigrated to Israel from Belarus 15 years ago. Eight year old Lati is an Israeli as Western as can be, he likes McDonalds, is a big fan of Maccabi Tel-Aviv basketball club and speaks only Hebrew. One afternoon Lati's life gets turned around when his father tells him that he is the guardian of a royal dynasty in Senegal. The father's dream is for Lati to be king of the tribe one day, ruling over more than one million people. Diouf expects Lati to learn how to be king of an African tribe so that he can 'save' the tribe and lead it back to its former glory.