Promised Land

53 min - Yoruba Richen

Promised Land follows two black communities in South Africa that are trying to get land back they say their ancestors were removed from during apartheid. The land is currently owned by white landowners and the film follows the multi-year efforts of both groups to get and keep possession of the land. The Megkareng are an impoverished, semi-literate tribe who are up against a coalition of wealthy white farmers and developers who say the Mekgareng have no right to claim the land. The Molamus are an educated, middle - class black family armed with lawyers and financial resources. They are fighting Hannes Visser a white farmer who refuses to vacate the contested land. Visser says it is his business, his livelihood and that he has nowhere else to go. Through these stories, the epic battle over land and race is played out with very real consequences for all sides. The film raises the fundamental questions of what is a fair price to get justice for a historical wrong and who must pay. Promised Land is unique in showing both sides of the land conflict and examining the intense economic and political exigencies that land inequality has created in South Africa. The audience will see why many inside the country call the land issue 'the ticking time bomb' that has the potential to destroy the fragile racial compact that the new South Africa was built upon.