IREP Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2019

8:00 PM - Amphitheatre; F/Park -- (Opening film at Cocktail)

Skin - 80min
Directed by Daniel Etim Effiong (Lagos, Nigeria)

This film explores the hierarchy of skin--light verssus dark. It discusses how this has split up communities and identities.

Thursday, Mar 21, 2019

1:45 PM - Kongis's Harvest Art Gallery, FREEDOM PARK

Nollywood In Focus - 35min
Iké Udé (Nigeria)

Insider perspective of the film industry, Nollywood, by looking at the history of film in Nigeria and what is has become now.

2:00 PM - Film Corp Screening Room

Congo - A Political Tragedy - 87min
Patrick Kabeya (Congo)

This is a history based film telling the political tragedy of Democratic Congo.

6:00 PM - Kongis's Harvest Art Gallery, FREEDOM PARK

Awani - 38min
Aderonke Adeola (Nigeria)

Sexual Assault of Women, Decolonization of Patriarchy, of the body. Discussion of women's rights/feminism that lacks in Nigeria, especially having to do with sexual assault. Film is composed of interviews, images, recollections of histories and stories.

Friday, Mar 22, 2019

4:55 PM - Kongis's Harvest Art Gallery, FREEDOM PARK

Maid In Hell - 59min
Søren Klovborg (Saudi Arabia, Kenya)

Women from Africa (Kenya) are being sent to be house maids in Saudi Arabia with little to no human rights.

Saturday, Mar 23, 2019

10:00 AM - Kongis's Harvest Art Gallery, FREEDOM PARK

The Forgotten Kingdom? Chronicle of the North - 67min
Roland Maniaya Sumani Seini (Ghana)

The film tells the history of Ghana in order to promote peace and unity. The improvement of education in order for success of the people and society is the motive of this film.

1:15 PM - Kongis's Harvest Art Gallery, FREEDOM PARK

I’m Beautiful In Every Shade - 35min
Ana Scheu Amigo (Uganda)

Follows the lives of people of all ages who are albino in Africa. This skin condition has impacted how people perceive them and how they take care of themselves

3:30 PM - Kongis's Harvest Art Gallery, F/PARK

The Rise of The African Female Drummer - 26min
Akin Alabi (Nigeria)

Drumming has been, culturally, a men driven art. This films tells the process and path of a female talking drummers and how women are gaining more rights.

4:15 PM - Nigerian Film Corp Screening Room

Please Darling, Don’t Die Before Me - 31min
Debbie Soni (West Africa)

The film explores the lives and stories of widows in Africa. There is a stigma around being a widow even though there is added responsibility, their fears, their widow rights, and hopes for the future.

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