IREP, Lagos, Nigeria

Thursday, Mar 19, 2020

10:00 AM -

Un pays plus beau qu’avant - 66min
Director - Hannes Verhoustraete (Belgium)

UN PAYS PLUS BEAU QU’AVANT is a documentary film about a Congolese businessman in Brussels, whose wanderings reveal the political and humanitarian urgency that animates the diaspora faced with the situation in Congo today and colonial history.

12:00 PM - Screening Room

Partir ? - 79min
Director - Mary-Noël NIBA (Cameroon, France)

Back home after several years in exile, Stéphane, Léo, Boye Gaye and Cheikh break their silence to speak for the first time about their journey through the West. They discuss the reasons for their return, as well as their incomprehension regarding the many Africans who still attempt to migrate to Europe at the risk of their life. Their testimony resounds with the story of Guy Roméo, a young Cameroonian who risked everything to attempt to meet up with his idol in France, the rap artist Mac Tyer.

1:00 PM -

Prince of Paris - 56min
Director - Veera Lehto-Michaud (Finland; France, Cameroon)

Prince of Paris is a film about a father and daughter separated from each other by migration. It follows closely Issah, an undocumented migrant, on his journey deeper into Europe, but its focus is on those left behind. Princesse, the film's 9-year old narrator, Issah's daughter leads us to her world, allowing us a glimpse of the modern exodus seen through the eyes of a young girl. How does Princesse understand her father's decision to leave in order to secure a better future for her?

1:30 PM - Screening Room

Bamba, The Taste of Knowledge - 21min
Director - Brian Valente-Quinn (United States; Senegal)

Bamba, The Taste of Knowledge explores the use of theater as a tool for disseminating Sufi stories and knowledge in the West African country of Senegal. The film follows the work of theater professionals who take the stage to enact the life of Senegalese Sufi saint Cheikh Amadou Bamba. It considers the fine line they must walk between staging religious narratives and respecting norms of representation when dealing with the image and story of a beloved national hero. Through interviews and performance footage, we meet stage artists with a cosmopolitan outlook on their craft. We also discover a vibrant Sufi culture with roots in local West African customs and a global view of Islam in today’s world.

2:15 PM - Screening Room

Ayiti: The Awakening - 26min
Director - Sage Love (Haiti, United States)

A young man is driven to find his Ancestral roots and the trouble history of Ayiti after discovering no real relief efforts was made in the aftermath of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

3:45 PM - Screening Room

The Rememberer - 60min
Director - Ariel Guntern, Producer - Fernando Carranza (United States; Argentina, Egypt, Israel, Spain, United Kingdom)

THE REMEMBERER, tells the story of Matías De Stefano, an Indigo child who was born in Venado Tuerto, Argentina in 1987. From the moment of his birth he has the ability to remember everything he has done before birth and can understand, in a simple way , how the Universe works. His memories take him to travel the world and share what he knows with thousands of people. His trips help him discover his purpose in life and fulfill a mission that he could not complete thousands of years ago. Matias is taking us on a journey through his memories to show us humanity’s lost story.

4:10 PM -

Badagry: The Joy of Return - 14min
Director - Ronke Macaulay (Nigeria)

'Badagry: the Joy of Return' features a visit to the ancient city on the Atlantic Coast of Lagos State, by a multicultural group from Diaspora led by Hon. Abike Dabiri - under the auspices of the Africa Door of Return Experience Initiative (ADORE). Their goal: to retrace the steps of the ancestors who were captured in the region and shipped to the Americas to be sold as slaves. But also to bring a message of solidarity and hope for a brighter future to the local community.

5:15 PM - Screening Room

Teghadez Agadez - 52min
Director - Morgane Wirtz (Belgium; Niger)

In Agadez, a city of Niger on the outskirts of the Sahara, migrants on the road to Europe cross paths with others who fled Libya or have been expelled from Algeria. We spent several days with them as well as with a smuggler. They told us about their hopes, their dreams, their difficulties. Sometimes they play, they cook or they dance: they are human beings.

Friday, Mar 20, 2020

1:55 PM - Screening Room

The War Inside Me - 23min
Director - Stephanie Neumen (United States; Uganda)

A short documentary that follows one refugee on her search to find her missing family members while taking a journey through her troubled past.

2:30 PM - Screening Room

Happy Valley - 7min
Director - Wesley Shrum (Kenya)

Wealthy hedonistic philanderers settle in Happy Valley.

Saturday, Mar 21, 2020

7:30 PM - Amphitheatre

Chasing Mandela's Rainbow - 86min
Director - Gary Janks (United Kingdom; South Africa)

Life in Mandela's South Africa has been an unrelenting struggle between utopian hope - and painful reality. Three school students, aided by their teachers, want to join the success story this country was meant to become, post-Apartheid. They strive for recognition, dream of their place within a society, meant to work for all. Their dissimilar backgrounds and battles illustrate why Mandela's vision never materialised and is still, a haunting and illusive rainbow. These are no fairy tales; only honest stories of real lives inside an unfair, two tier system that needs a drastic change. Their backgrounds still reflect the deep inequalities of the past, but woven into their lives is a common thread: the guts to achieve, regardless of the situation. Who will prosper, despite a broken education system and who will fail because of it, where half a nation’s youth are unemployed? And why? This is a moving, contrasting and conflicted study of epic challenges facing the “born free” children of Mandela.

Sunday, Mar 22, 2020

12:00 PM - Screening Room

The 600: The Soldiers' Story - 117min
Directors - Richard Hall/Laurent Basset (United States; Rwanda)

The little know story of the guerrilla battalion trapped in Kigali at the start of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, and the rescues they made of thousands of civilians.

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